May 17, 2012

UK: The Sony Xperia P coming to the UK in May 23 for £330.00

Clove UK has confirmed that one of Sony Mobile's new NXT line of devices, the Sony Xperia P, is coming in the UK in May 23. Clove UK is pricing it at £330.00 (VAT included) and comes in either black or silver. The Xperia P is a smaller version of Sony Mobile's first ever smartphone, the Xperia S. The Xperia P features a 4-inch display while the Xperia S sports a bit bigger 4.3" display. The Xperia P also carries a lesser powerful processor, a 1GHz STE dual-core cpu as compared to the Xperia S'. Anyway, head over at Clove UK to check out the Xperia P. Click here: for the Silver or Black Xperia P.


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