May 10, 2012

Facebook announces their own app store - The Facebook App Center

How many app stores do you know off? We have Apple's App Store, Android's Google Play, Windows Phone's Windows Phone Marketplace, and a lot more out there like Amazon's own app store. Today, the world's largest social network has announced their own! Called as the Facebook App Center, this will be the place where you want to look, install, and discover new apps on Facebook. Every app that you will find on the App Center will have an app detail page, so that you will get a glimpse on what the app is for and what it does before you install it.

For those who usually log into Facebook via their mobile phones, fret not that you ain't part of this new stuff from Facebook. The social network understands that most people login to Facebook via a mobile device. Hence, the App Center can also be accessed via your device. Also, you can install applications on-the-go too!
"The App Center is designed to grow mobile apps that use Facebook – whether they’re on iOS, Android or the mobile web. From the mobile App Center, users can browse apps that are compatible with their device, and if a mobile app requires installation, they will be sent to download the app from the App Store or Google Play."
The App Center cannot be accessed today yet, they just announced it and will be launched soon. Well, after developers create apps for the App Center. But one sure thing is, we should all expect FREE and PAID apps.

Source: Facebook Developers


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