April 6, 2012

The Asus Padfone now available for pre-order in Taiwan to ship in April 20th

That unique, I should say, Asus Padfone that was officially unveiled during MWC 2012 is now available for pre-order in it's home turf. The smartphone/tablet/netbook all-in-one device will start shipping in Taiwan come April 20th, of course, that is if you pre-order one right now. The smartphone is being priced at a modest NT$17,990. With that you get the idea how much the whole set which includes everything, including that dock to turn the tablet into a netbook would cost.

"The docking accessories aren’t being sold separately at the moment, but the price of the phone, tablet dock and Bluetooth earpiece/stylus together are NT$24,980 ($847). You can throw the keyboard dock in for a complete set at the price of NT$28,901 ($980) and those who preorder get a free swappable battery. All in all it’s not a terrible price, considering how much hardware is there – if you think of it as a typical high-end smartphone ($650) plus an Android tablet ($400) plus a netbook ($300) plus a Bluetooth headset ($50) it comes out as a steal." - Android Community
For markets outside Taiwan, Asus still has to make an announcement or an official statement about it. But pretty sure the company should be selling this device globally. 


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