March 2, 2012

USA: AT&T to carry the HTC One XL coming in the "coming months"

AT&T will exclusively be carrying the HTC One X that was announced by the Taiwan-based phone maker. The smartphone will be re-branded as the HTC One XL and with a few changes inside the device. The smartphone, is one of the three of HTC's new One line of Android smartphones. The HTC One X is the one that sports a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and is actually HTC's first and so far the only quad-core device. When AT&T will be launching the smartphone aside from being renamed the quad-core processor will be taken out and will be replaced with a dual-core processor that supports 4G LTE. Now, you might frowned about this news but don't worry too much or get too disappointed. Instead of the nVidia Tegra 3 chipset, HTC will be putting the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor with a clock speed of 1.5GHz. It ain't bad, the chipset. It promises great graphics with its new Adreno 225 GPU.

AT&T has not yet given us the exact date when they will actually launch the device and so is the price. I'll be reporting on that when AT&T becomes a bit clearer about these info. For now, head over at Engadget to read AT&T's full press release.


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