January 10, 2012

USA: Samsung Galaxy Note lands in the US via AT&T packs 4G LTE connectivity [CES 2012]

Albeit silent about when exactly the Galaxy Note will be available officially in the US, Samsung did not hesitate to tell the whole world that the largest smartphone will be available over at AT&T in the S soon. The smartphone-tablet hybrid is already in display at CES 2012 and should probably be announced by AT&T and should give us the price and launch date. AT&T''s Galaxy Note will be capable of connecting with the carrier's 4G LTE network. Spec-wise, AT&T's Note and the world's Note are identical except that AT&T's is 4G capable. Head over the break for more press photos of the device. By the way AT&T will be offering either the Cobalt Blue or White Galaxy Note when the device becomes officially launched. By the way, the Galaxy Note supports GLONASS tech. For more info about GLONASS click here (Wikipedia link)


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