September 23, 2011

Facebook to do a major overhaul on your profile by introducing the Timeline

Facebook introduces a new and a very overhauled Facebook profile, which they call as the Timeline. This was announced during Facebook F8 Conference and unfortunately, I was unable to watch it. Anyway, the Timeline will replace your old and boring Facebook profile. At least there is something Facebook did right here, agree?

The Timeline will be divided into three parts, the Cover, your Stories, and your Apps. I like it, and this is not something copied from someone else's social network. This is something entirely from Facebook and I like that.

The Timeline is scheduled to be rolled out to all Facebook users in the coming weeks.

Here are videos by Facebook trying to explain what the Timeline is:

You might have read or heard about Facebook partnering with Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, right? Well, all of those news are actually now a reality since the social networking giant have integrated these services right into Facebook. Unfortunately again, I was not able to watch the live streaming of the event so I am not sure when these will actually arrive in everyone's Facebooks. I believe that it depends on how fast the roll out will be and if these services are available in your country.

Anyway, you can read more about the Timeline here and Facebook's partnership with these services from BGR.

Source: Facebook


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