August 12, 2011

HTC and Beats partnership confirmed

HTC and Beats Audio, today, have announced an exclusive partnership, as far as smartphones are concerned. The partnership sees HTC investing on Beats Audio for $300 million dollars. This partnership is expected to bring in Beats Audio technology into HTC smartphones and not only to headsets.

"Chou noted that this was going to be a holistic experience, not just in headphones, but in the smartphones themselves. This leads us to believe that the actual speaker systems, not just the headphone audio, may be enhanced in all HTC devices in the future. When asked then why HTC decided to “buy Beats rather than license it,” Chou noted that they didn’t actually BUY Beats, they invested in it for $300 million USD, creating an environment where everyone can continue to license Beats for their devices (other than smartphones, of course) rather than just HTC." - SlashGear
So, who's ready for some Beats Audio integrated into their smartphones? We should start expecting these smartphones to come out anytime soon from HTC. With your Beats headsets playing and listening to music from a smartphone should never be the same again.

 On a more personal note, this is a very good move for HTC.

Source: SlashGear


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