June 25, 2011

Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 handset leaked - looks like an N9

That is Nokia's first Windows Phone device and its confirmed! By no less than Nokia CEO himself Stephen Elop. How it was leaked is a question that I cannot answer, unless the person who leaked the photos goes public. Anyway, the phone was showed off by Elop when he was showcasing the phone. He clearly did not want photos or videos going out in public but it did. And we will take it.

It looks a whole lot a like to the recently unveiled MeeGO powered Nokia N9 but this runs on Windows Phone. Take note, the phone (Windows Phone) also sports a button-less facade, just like the N9. But that, I believe, is where the similarity ends.

The rear of the device is a bit different from that of the N9, though. Condenamed, Sea Ray, the device's rear presents a little different layout of it's led flash at the rear. As you can see in the photo above.

Anyway, regarding the phone's availability, it is pretty sure that it will be launched within 2011 because that is what Nokia have always said. Watch the video of Stephen Elop showing off the device to the public.

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