June 29, 2011

Google finally has unveiled their take on Facebook - Google+ Project

The Google+ Project was announced and will be Google's take on the world's largest social networking site, Facebook. This is how Google see's how people are and how they share in the world of the internet. Well, just base on how the project or the UI of Google+ looks, its a bit if not very different from what Facebook is offering. Google is even saying that this is what people are more interested in and not what other people are talking about and what they are doing. Head over the break to get a glimpse of what I am talking about here.

The Google+ Project consists of stuff in it. For your mobile phone to the web Google+ will definitely be Google's head on challenger with Facebook. 

First up, Google Circles. Google Circles is somewhat like your friends being grouped in different circles that you can name for yourself. This is, what I believe what Google wants us to make use of social networking by grouping people in our circle from people we just met, to best buddies, and whatnots. I believe too, that Google Circles will be the foundation of the Google+ Project.

Second is, Sparks. The first thing that comes into my mind with this is Twitter's Trending Topic. Well, I know it's a bit different too. As far as what I understood, Sparks is like a title of a topic you want your circles to talk about. It's like a topic you can post on Google+ and when someone wants to talk about it with you, then that is where the Spark starts.

Third, Hangouts. Facebook still does not have a built-in video chat application, right? Well, this is what Google is trying to take advantage from the social network giant. Since Google has Gmail (or Google Voice) then it is possible for people to connect via video call and just talk about random stuff or talk about business. This is again base on your Circles, if your Best Buddies circle are hanging out then you can join in the conversation and know exactly what they will or are talking about.

Then we have +Mobile, which actually consists of a lot of features in it. As the name suggests, this will all be done with or using your mobile phones (Android, I guess?). +Mobile consists of +Location, +Instant Upload,  and +Huddle. The videos below will explain to you what +Instant Upload and +Huddle are.

The Google+ app is available at the Android Market and will soon be coming to the App Store.

If you want to try out Google+ Project then you can join the project or not. Google notes that this is still a very rough project and is available via invites only.

Source: Google


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