May 28, 2011

USA: T-Mobile to release Gingerbread update to the G2X "by summer"

When the LG made T-Mobile G2X was launched in the US, together with the LG made G-Slate and the Samsung made Sidekick 4G, it's sales, according to T-Mobile has been doing great. Great even that supply of the device is running out, hence T-Mobile is adjusting the pricing of the phone. Also, when it was launched T-Mobile promised that the Android Gingerbread update will be coming soon.

You might have also heard about the LG Optimus 2X's problems recently. The issue that the phone has have been touted to be the reason why the phone was pulled out from T-Mobile's site, making it unavailable for purchase from interested buyers. Recently though, T-Mobile denied the rumors and have said that the pulling down of the phone was due to a very high demand of the phone. 

Anyway, going back to the update stuff. Via a tweet, T-Mobile have said that the Gingerbread update and surely a fix to the issue of the phone is having will be released "by summer". Summer in the US starts in June so, if we base it from the tweet the update should be coming starting next week.

No details though about the exact date the update will be released but keep your fingers crossed that the update will start rolling out by June.

Source: Android Community


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