May 25, 2011

Nokia confirms that their first Windows Phone device will be running "Mango"

During Microsoft's event where they have unveiled the next release of their mobile platform, Windows Phone "Mango", Andy Lees have made a very noteworthy statement when it was his time to take the stage. The statement went like this: "We already have Nokia handsets that run Windows Phone Mango in our labs.” Of course, no further details were given but Nokia confirmed it themselves that their first phone will be running on Mango when it launches.

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I'll be grabbing a snippet from Nokia Conversations with regards to the confirmation that the first Nokia WP7 device will be running on Mango.
"Today Microsoft has announced the key new ingredients of the latest ‘Mango’ release of the Windows Phone operating system. This is the software that will be used on the first Nokia with Windows Phone devices, and so should be of keen interest to Nokia-watchers everywhere. Read on for all the details."
Of course, there are still no details on when this or these devices will come flying out from Nokia's factories. No names either of phones that Nokia will be spitting out but if you remember a rumor that was circulating, by of course no other than Eldar Murzatin, it could possibly be named as the Nokia W7 or W8.

But there is no doubt that Nokia will be pumping at least one Windows Phone powered device this year. And that is something I am personally excited about.

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