April 22, 2011

Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman Phone running on Android quietly shows up

Sony Ericsson have quietly, without any announcement and whatnots, unveils the Sony Ericsson W8, a Walkman Phone that runs on Android. The W8 is basically the Xperia X8 with the Walkman touch, look, and that funky look of it all. Unlike the Xperia X8, the W8 will be shipping with Android 2.1 Eclair on board. Sony Ericsson might announce this phone in the coming days but they may not also. The phone is said to be redesigned a bit with the addition of a special Walkman UI. In the phone's product page, the phone is expected to be available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, and Vietnam. So you might want to check that product page out. Aside from these stuff, that is all that we got (specs of the W8 are also on the product page).

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The phone also comes in three different colors by the looks of it they are Red, Orange, and Blue. For more photos of the device click here.

Source: Android Community, Xperia Blog, Sony Ericsson


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