January 28, 2011

Sony announces its next generation portable entertainment system - Sony NGP (PSP)

Sony's Next Generation Portable Entertainment System codenamed Sony NGP was flaunted! Remember those leaks and rumors about the next iteration of the Sony PSP portable entertainment system that feature touch screens and pad all around the device? Well they aren't really touch screens but the latest Sony PSP has touchpads everywhere!

Sony just made it official, the Sony NGP (codename) which features a lot of stuff you have not have in any previous PSPs. One main feature of the NGP is that it features a touch screen main display, yeah just like what you see in the photo. Form factor wise the PSP Go seems to be the most uniquely design PSP but the NGP undoubtedly boasts far more features and is way more cooler than the PSP Go.

Lets just go with the features and specs of the device can we? In that way, I do not have to rant about the fact that the NGP really is cool. 

Sony NGP specs:
  • ARM Cortex-A9 (4 core) processor (yup it has quad core power inside it)
  • SGX543MP4+ GPU
  • 5" multi-touch OLED main display 
  • Capacitive rear touchpads
  • Front and rear facing cameras (Front facing? For video calling?)
  • Built-in speakers and built-in microphone
  • Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass
  • Built in GPS
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Keys and switches
    • PS button
    • Power button
    • Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left)
    • Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)
    • Shoulder buttons (Right/Left)
    • Right stick, Left stick
    • START button, SELECT button
    • Volume buttons (+/-)
  • 3G capable
  • Bluetooth 2.1
 "The newly developed and released game content for Android™ based portable devices can also be enjoyed on NGP. As a result, users will have access to not only the most leading-edge content, but also some of the more casual experiences that typify the mobile market place."

The Sony NGP also uses a new medium for games which is a flash memory based card which allows you to store full software titles and add-on game content and to save games on.

Here is what Sony said about the two cameras of the NGP. "NGP will also come equipped with two cameras on its front and rear, as well as three motion sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass, all of which are designed to enable users to enjoy the world of entertainment that is linked with real life experiences." 

So when will it be launched Sony? Click here to view more press photos of the Sony NGP.

Source: Sony


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