October 25, 2010

HTC "Knight" leaks out - another Android phone bound for Sprint

So you think the rain of Android smartphones, not to mention from HTC, is gonna ease out a bit? Well, the answer I think is never or not yet, at least. That photo of an HTC smartphone dubbed as the HTC Knight, is apparently posted over at Xda-Developers

The smartphone which is said to be coming to Sprint, features a sliding screen. Oh ok, by just looking at the photo, I can't seem to get what "sliding screen" means. What Xda-Developers think is that there might be "some sort of keyboard". It features a 3.7" screen just like the Nexus One, but looks more like a smaller version of the HTC Evo 4G. As for it's release date Xda-Developer's source isn't sure about it but he "stated that they usually get this sort of info 2 weeks before release, but the source also received some other content indicating that release may be closer than expected.". Regarding it's OS they have not stated which particular version of the popular Android it will carry I'll keep you all updated on the phone's development's if someone gets additional information about it.

Source: Xda-Developers & BGR



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