September 29, 2010

Nokia's Nanotechnology at Cambridge UK - They Are Serious About The Morph Concept

Nokia's Morph concept has been around since 2008. Until today, it has not yet been realized but that does not mean Nokia is stopping from making it into a reality.

That's the Morph Concept, very outrageous right, you would not think that there's a technology like that right now for Nokia to be able to manufacture that device. Well, that is why they have the Nokia Research Center in Cambridge, UK. The research team of Nokia is actually focusing their attention to Nanotechnology. These kinds of technology including others will then be used to create the Morph Concept and hopefully get it out from its concept stage to the prototype stage. I think they still have a long way to go but who knows? Big things start from small beginning, as they say.

Via: Unwired View, Nokia Conversation


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