September 27, 2010

LG Optimus 7 miraculously appears on

Click photo for full size view
Who does not know Amazon? But have you ever asked yourself if Amazon sells something not yet launched? Or made available to the public? Well, I think this post might answer that question.

An LG Optimus 7 is seen being listed on It seems that Amazon has used both names of a rumored LG device, the LG Optimus 7 and the LG E900. Don't ask me which of the two phones Amazon is referring to, because based on those photos (click on links), the two phones are quite different and are designed differently. Anyway, Amazon has posted the device quite early, the reported date when at least a WP7 device will make its way to the public is still on October 11.

Oh well, what we really need from this is how much the LG Optimus or E900 is. And based on the photo it'll be at $499 and the phone is a 3.5inch touch screen smartphone.

Via: Endgadget


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