August 28, 2010

Brabus + Mercedes Benz + Apple = Mercedes Benz S600 "iBusiness" Sedan

Photo: Luxury Launches

Yeah it looks just like an ordinary Mercedes Bens S-Class on the outside but do not be deceived by the physical looks of this luxury sedan from Mercedes Benz. This is Mercedes' most expensive sedan, if you ask me, but I believe it is. Anyway, this is the car that President Benigno Aquino III rode on from his inaugural speech going to the Malacañang Palace. It's dubbed by the Philippine Government as the "Presidential Limousine", now you know why its expensive. Anyway, Mercedes Benz loves Apple, I think and so as Brabus. 

Brabus, is an after sale tuning company which concentrates on Mercedes Benz cars, Maybach, and Smart. They customize everything you can imagine on your Mercedes Benz, like this one. 

Photo: Luxury Launches

But still, that is not the point of this post. The whole point is this

Photos: Luxury Launches

The Mercedes Benz S Class "iBusiness" Sedan. Fitted with the latest Apple devices to give you the best in entertainment. 

The epicenter of the system is an ultra-small Mac minicomputer placed under the rear shelf. Connected to the system are two iPads in the rear compartment to play movies, music and Connect to the Internet and control the entire functioning of the S-Class COMAND system, which includes the radio, the telephone and the navigation system.

Now, if this does not make you want one, I do not know what you like. This is a car, a luxury sedan, that is that would fit any entertainment enthusiasts and for business men who wants to work on the go. 

Via: Luxury Launches


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